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The team at VAST have nearly 40 years’ experience financing commercial vehicles for business users. We’re proud to be an independent finance broker who understands the importance of keeping your business mobile. We provide a personalised service for businesses looking for the best way to fund light commercial vehicles, HGVs and trailers, along with a wide suite of products.

Whether you’re using your vehicles to get to jobs, deliver goods or even run a hire fleet, we have the lenders and the products to get you moving.

Finance products we provide:

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is a simple, straightforward way to spread the cost of buying your new vehicle. The loan is paid in regular instalments over a fixed period of months (typically 2 to 5 years). 

Balloon Payment Plans

An agreement with a balloon payment makes it possible to own a vehicle on lower monthly payments compared to a hire purchase agreement. This is possible by deferring part of the loaned amount to the end of the agreement, known typically as a balloon payment.

Finance Lease

This is a flexible long-term rental that is normally over 3 to 5 years. This can be with or without a balloon payment to tailor monthly rentals. In most circumstances your rentals can be offset against taxable profit. The VAT on the rentals can also be reclaimed if you are VAT registered.

Green Finance

We understand the direction of the market and the medium to long term changes this means if you run business vehicles. We have a range of competitive funders who specialise in green fleets.

Credit Lines &
Fleet Finance

If you run a fleet of vehicles, we can facilitate the lines of credit you need in advance. This takes out the hassle of future finance applications by way of a pre-approval up to an agreed limit. Once this is done you can just send us the invoices and sit back while we arrange the rest.


When you reach the end of a finance lease, lease purchase or hire purchase agreement, there may well be a balloon payment that must be settled for the lender to end their interest in your vehicle. Until this is paid, they still may have a claim over your van or car. VAST Commercial Finance have a range of balloon refinancing options that enables you to finance the balloon rather than pay for it as a lump sum, and keep your vehicle until you decide you fancy a change.

Vehicles We Finance

Light Commercial Vehicles

Pick Ups and Double-Cabs

Heavy Goods Vehicles and Trailers

Electric Vehicles

Not sure which finance product to go for? Our experienced team are on hand to walk you through each finance product, explain the benefits, and point you in the right direction.

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