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Securing Flexible Financing for Alternative Investment Funds: A Case Study in Refinancing

VAST recently collaborated with a London-based alternative investment fund that faced a unique challenge – the need to refinance a portfolio of student housing stock to lower debt servicing costs and raise capital for reinvestment.

The client had previously encountered difficulties with brokers who were unable to secure offers without the requirement of Directors' Personal Guarantees (PGs). This presented a significant hurdle, as the client sought a financing solution that would provide the necessary flexibility and autonomy to execute their investment strategy effectively.

We recognised the complexity of the client's situation and took a proactive approach. We leveraged our extensive network and industry connections to engage with the Managing Director of a challenger bank, a financial institution known for its innovative and tailored solutions.

Through a collaborative effort and strategic negotiations, VAST successfully secured an offer from the challenger bank that met the client's requirements without the need for Directors' PGs. This achievement not only provided the alternative investment fund with the financial resources to refinance their student housing portfolio and lower debt servicing costs but also granted them the freedom to reinvest the raised capital into new opportunities.

This case study exemplifies VAST's ability to navigate complex financing challenges and deliver tailored solutions for alternative investment funds. By understanding the unique needs of our clients and leveraging our strong industry relationships, VAST empowered the alternative investment fund to optimise their portfolio, reduce operational costs, and position themselves for future growth.

VAST's commitment to providing flexible financing solutions extends beyond traditional lending structures, allowing clients in the alternative investment sector to operate with greater agility and capitalise on emerging market opportunities without being encumbered by restrictive personal guarantees.

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