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Unlocking Equity for Growth: A Case Study in Property Development Financing

A client approached VAST with the goal of raising funds on an existing property, a block of flats, to secure the equity required for developing a scheme of 47 houses in South Wales. This presented a multifaceted challenge, requiring a comprehensive financing solution to facilitate the client's ambitious property development plans.

VAST took a strategic approach, addressing both the client's immediate need for equity and their long-term financing requirements. Simultaneously, VAST sourced term debt on the block of flats, enabling the client to unlock the equity tied to their existing property. This equity injection provided the necessary capital to commence the development of the 47-house scheme.

Recognising that the successful completion of the project would require additional funding, VAST also secured the remaining development finance needed to begin and complete the construction phase. This comprehensive financing package ensured that the client had access to the funds required at every stage of the development process, from the initial equity raise to the final phase of construction.

Through this seamless integration of equity release and development financing, we demonstrated our ability to provide tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by property developers. By leveraging their expertise and industry connections, VAST enabled the client to capitalise on a promising development opportunity while minimising the strain on their existing assets.

This case study exemplifies VAST's commitment to delivering innovative financing solutions that empower clients to pursue their growth ambitions. By offering a holistic approach that combines equity release, term debt, and development finance, VAST ensures that clients have the resources they need to navigate complex property development projects successfully.

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