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VAST Commercial Finance is a leading provider of property development finance solutions. We offer a wide range of options for developers, including funding for light and heavy refurbishments, as well as multi-million pound residential and commercial projects that require land acquisition, planning, and construction costs to be covered. 


Our extensive panel of lenders ensures that we can offer you the right solution for your specific project. Our experienced directors, supported by a team of researchers and lender liaison managers, can provide expert advice and guidance throughout the process. 

The VAST Difference:

  • Independent and tailored advice from directors with 20+ years of experience in financial services, construction, and development who understand the Capital Stack.

  • Strong relationships with over 100 lenders to provide the best choice around cost and terms.


  • Access to private lenders and family funds that provide bespoke funding for complex developments.


  • Senior debt funding up to 80% of GDV and 90% of costs.


  • Support for commercial and mixed-use developments.


  • Development exit loans and funding for part-built schemes.


  • Overseas developments supported.


  • Support and guidance for first-time and early-career developers.

  • We provide loans equivalent to 70-80% of the estimated GDV of the project, however, for experienced developers, and if additional security is made available, we can often provide funding up to 100% of all site purchase, development, and finance costs. We can also introduce Mezzanine Loans secured on a 2nd charge to provide any additional "top-up" funding.

Mezzanine Loans

VAST can also connect you to our panel of mezzanine lenders. A mezzanine loan is typically used to bridge the gap between traditional senior debt (the development loan) and the developer's equity. It is considered a form of subordinated debt, meaning that it ranks behind senior debt. Mezzanine financing will generally be more expensive, however, the benefits of using it are: 


  • Flexibility: Mezzanine loans can be structured in a variety of ways, providing developers with more flexibility to meet their specific needs. 

  • Additional financing: Mezzanine loan can be used to bridge the gap between traditional debt and equity financing, providing developers with additional funding for their projects. 

  • Retaining control: Mezzanine loans can be used to minimize the amount of equity required from investors, allowing developers to retain more control over their projects. 

  • Higher returns: Mezzanine loans often have a higher return on investment than traditional forms of financing, which can be beneficial for developers looking to maximize returns on their projects. 

100% Funding

VAST has several Joint venture (JV) funders. This is also known as 100% development finance and is a method of funding property development projects without using your own money. In this type of financing, the lender provides all the funds needed to complete the project and profits are typically shared upon the sale of the site, usually on a 50/50 basis. Some lenders may charge interest on the funds drawn down and split the profits in favour of the developer slightly, while others may not charge interest and simply split the profits equally. To be eligible for joint venture development finance, the following criteria must be met: 


  • The applicant must be an experienced developer, having completed at least one development project of a similar scale to the one being proposed. 

  • The proposed project must be profitable, with a margin of at least 25%, but ideally over 30%. 

  • The project must have full planning permission in place. 

  • The gross development value (GDV) of the project must be at least £1,000,000. 

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